Winter Tooth Trauma


Here in Sunny California it’s hard to think that “winter tooth trauma” is common, but here’s a list of dental emergencies we see throughout December (no, can’t make some of these up).

Winter Tooth Trauma2020-01-14T10:08:49-08:00

Itero Diagnostics


At the Pediatric Dental Center, we are always looking for new innovations to help us monitor and diagnose your child’s craniofacial and oral growth and development. Our patients benefit [...]

Itero Diagnostics2019-10-21T21:30:46-07:00

The VELscope® System


Pediatric and Teen Oral Cancer: We screen every patient and provide early Detection Through the VELscope® System When it comes to the topic of oral cancer, pediatric patients [...]

The VELscope® System2019-10-21T11:07:20-07:00



Back to School… Back To Sports: Let’s talk about MOUTHGUARDS After four and every weekend after ten AM, we receive emergency calls from… SPORTS INJURY! Kids who take [...]


Dental Health Month


February is National Children's Dental Health Month! February 1, 2019. When you think February, what comes to mind? Heart shaped cards? Boxes of Chocolates? Presidents? Red Dragons? Well, yes, [...]

Dental Health Month2019-02-19T12:54:52-08:00

Silver Diamine Fluoride


Silver Diamine Fluoride: A Drill-free filling (kind of). January, 2019. We have had so many parents ask, call, and email us about Silver Diamine Fluoride. Questions we hear are [...]

Silver Diamine Fluoride2019-02-11T12:10:24-08:00

Teeth Grinding in Children


Teeth Grinding in Children. November 2018 Common question: “Why do both of my kids grind? It’s freaking me out.” Answer: “Because?” Ok, that won’t do. Honestly, one in every [...]

Teeth Grinding in Children2019-02-11T12:14:02-08:00



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