Are white spots on my child’s teeth common?  Should I worry?

“White spots on permanent teeth are a common concern for parents when their children come into the office. There’s a variety of reasons behind it. One reason could be that as the permanent tooth is developing, there was trauma to the primary tooth. For example, if your child bumped his tooth when he was on the scooter at the age of four, his permanent tooth may come out with a white spot on it because it hit at that point of development. Another reason might be hypoplastic enamel which is enamel that is a little bit weaker at certain points. Sometimes these white spots can lead to cavities, but other it’s only a cosmetic concern which can be fixed in the future. There are many new therapies that can address these white spots, in particular, to make sure that they disappear later on. It used to be that tetracycline was considered a cause for spotting on teeth, however, tetracycline hasn’t been used in years with either pregnant women or children under the age of twelve for this very reason.”