Does my child need spacers?  How do they work?

“Following extraction of a tooth or pulling of a tooth, if it’s a back tooth, a spacer is recommended. If it’s a front tooth or a front, chew tooth, your centrals and your laterals, a spacer is not always recommended. The whole point of a spacer is so the teeth adjacent to the one being pulled, don’t drift into that one’s position, allowing for the permanent one to come in. So the general rule of thumb is for back teeth, absolutely, a spacer is recommended. Your pediatric dentist will determine what type of spacer is needed for the eruption pattern of the tooth. The front teeth, it gets a little tricky; but more often than not, a spacer is not needed. However, if a gap in the front does bother you, we can always put a pediatric denture in there to cosmetically replace the missing tooth. This denture is removed when the permanent teeth are set to come in.”