How can I help my toddler with brushing teeth?

“One of the top complaints we hear in the office is, I would like to brush his teeth; I can’t, he won’t let me. There are a wide variety of activities that I recommend. One of them is having some dental videos on hand, as well as, some books. Books and videos teach the kids how important it is to brush, how to brush. Everything from Imagination Movers to Sesame Street to Dora, you name it. Additionally, there are some fun games you can play. We do, mom and dad to the sink. We do shadowing, where you brush your mom’s teeth then mom brushes your teeth. Additionally, sometimes its just to get your kid to brush their teeth in the bathtub. There are a lot of fun sinks and mirrors that are sold now. You can have them in there with the little baby sinks, where they can look at themselves in the mirror. Songs are fun. There are many songs that have to do with tooth brushing. Additionally, you can always get toothbrushes that are fun, that spin and have lights on them, that have songs and timers.”