What are dental sealants?  Should my child have them?

“Sealants are highly recommended by pediatric dentists. Since sealants have come around, there has been an 80 percent decrease in the amount of cavities found on children’s back teeth. A sealant is basically, a cover for the back molars and the pre-molars, if your child has them; and it goes into the grooves and the fissures of the teeth. Basically, food can just slip off of the tooth because the sealant has covered all the grooves and the food won’t get stuck there. Sealants are resin based, and are applied by a variety of different methods based on the type of sealant that your pediatric dentist is using. It can be placed on the primary teeth, the baby teeth, if the fissures are significant. Most likely and most often, it’s placed on permanent teeth that has those deep valleys that, unfortunately, if food gets stuck in them, can lead to cavities.”