Are chips in my child’s teeth normal?  What should I do about them?

“One of the top concerns I have in my office whether it’s a new patient or a patient I’ve seen before is a chip in the tooth. All children get chips in the teeth whether they fall off the pool or fall off the scooter. The concern is what type of chip is it? If it’s a minor chip and your child is not complaining of any pain or sensitivity and it’s really only visible to the parents eye, then you can let it go or maybe send a picture to your pediatric dentist and have them take a look. If it’s a larger chip, which is on a tooth that is mobile or sensitive or if there is any type of pain or discomfort when eating, then you should come in and see your pediatric dentist so we can take a look at it. If the tooth has fallen out completely, and it’s a baby tooth, please come into the office so that can be evaluated as well.”